xaizek / rocketgit (License: AGPLv3+) (since 2018-12-09)
Light and fast Git hosting solution suitable to serve both as a hub or as a personal code storage with its tickets, pull requests, API and much more.
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Here will come, in chronological order, the people that helped me.
Thank you very much!

Ioana BOIE
Gabriel BOIE
Marian Stefan
Ioan Albescu
Nicolae Tipeiu
Bogdan Vatra
James Dean
Seby Marinescu (VMware ESX help)
Paul Gabor-Iliescu
Gabi Balasz
Petre Bandac (first known on-premise install)
howaboutsynergy (confirmation link not invalidated)
Răzvan BOIE (texts and HTML/CSS)

Before first commit, do not forget to setup your git environment:
git config --global user.name "your_name_here"
git config --global user.email "your@email_here"

Clone this repository using HTTP(S):
git clone https://code.reversed.top/user/xaizek/rocketgit

Clone this repository using ssh (do not forget to upload a key first):
git clone ssh://rocketgit@code.reversed.top/user/xaizek/rocketgit

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This means that your pushed commits will automatically be transformed into a pull request:
... clone the repository ...
... make some changes and some commits ...
git push origin master