xaizek / rocketgit (License: AGPLv3+) (since 2018-12-09)
Light and fast Git hosting solution suitable to serve both as a hub or as a personal code storage with its tickets, pull requests, API and much more.
Subject SHA-1 Author Date
Bump version to 0.55 58652b8250a867c0f4e9e3a9c76737443f242b36 Catalin(ux) M. BOIE 2016-07-06 04:48:24
Big commit of a lot of unrelated changes. Shame on me! e503666df79ef1553d0bb7ffd1d12a6b62748b1c Catalin(ux) M. BOIE 2016-07-06 04:44:43
Do not free resources if query fails. 57baca81e9087a00a8e2e1807c932de2fb9769c4 Catalin(ux) M. BOIE 2016-06-26 11:47:09
Packaging changes: prepared for Debian build c32cb09dc84615f4984ce5f8fac4064accbeeb28 Catalin(ux) M. BOIE 2016-06-12 05:59:14
webhooks - rename Name to Type 7d774d4818950b3d3916e834b0dde3081b90960e Catalin(ux) M. BOIE 2016-05-08 11:36:45
Correct license for spec file (Affero -> A) 3635ec1e7b416524ad15e06c884b4546600d68e4 Catalin(ux) M. BOIE 2016-05-08 11:09:01
Bump version to 0.54 a6f90aaaedcaa67073408100b6a0abd5c7ddd6fa Catalin(ux) M. BOIE 2016-05-08 11:06:23
SELinux: permit access to /tmp b33571b8aa45d49053ef20cbb485ef36dc6f5e49 Catalin(ux) M. BOIE 2016-05-08 11:05:44
TODO changes 55917d4f8f63aefcac02b4c583dbe252ee04aa87 Catalin(ux) M. BOIE 2016-05-08 11:04:35
Get rid of php-mbstring: is not a standard extention 0934a66ce1a94f4066b1b7e18edbe0acb4dd3206 Catalin(ux) M. BOIE 2016-05-08 11:04:20

Before first commit, do not forget to setup your git environment:
git config --global user.name "your_name_here"
git config --global user.email "your@email_here"

Clone this repository using HTTP(S):
git clone https://code.reversed.top/user/xaizek/rocketgit

Clone this repository using ssh (do not forget to upload a key first):
git clone ssh://rocketgit@code.reversed.top/user/xaizek/rocketgit

You are allowed to anonymously push to this repository.
This means that your pushed commits will automatically be transformed into a pull request:
... clone the repository ...
... make some changes and some commits ...
git push origin master