xaizek / rocketgit (License: AGPLv3+) (since 2018-12-09)
Light and fast Git hosting solution suitable to serve both as a hub or as a personal code storage with its tickets, pull requests, API and much more.
Subject SHA-1 Author Date
Bump version to 0.61 99a6ed768168adf45bab328c7405cd10a3e3a81d Catalin(ux) M. BOIE 2016-10-03 16:31:43
TODO updates cdc8de4255d6c343a9223bcf334228651e41ae6f Catalin(ux) M. BOIE 2016-10-03 16:31:22
Small adjustments to unit/functional tests db54e9be71a96b185713ccbc76dff2b462113755 Catalin(ux) M. BOIE 2016-10-03 16:13:46
Allow the use of multiple workers 0ba944fa4f60754b31ec29a676e72a9b870698cc Catalin(ux) M. BOIE 2016-10-03 16:13:15
Docker fixes 36653f824b0c2f7159a0cdbfa50e38aea714a0b5 Catalin(ux) M. BOIE 2016-10-03 16:12:48
Now, any script can update the structure and apply the fixes 03e1ba61bdcac0514977b79c0b38449db29aa7a5 Catalin(ux) M. BOIE 2016-10-03 16:05:19
fpm: raise the memory limit to 128M from 32M because some initial commits may be very big 5dee24337e21e740cba1080e9bfc376b2e8f2036 Catalin(ux) M. BOIE 2016-10-02 08:06:39
Compute the md5 key only when needed 4eebe2a3863ca6b50e107ad84080629da6d81707 Catalin(ux) M. BOIE 2016-10-02 07:56:52
Pass all parameters to worker.php to be able to choose a different configuration 4da8c1c26b9bd192fa4525f3168cce2fa421702c root 2016-09-29 18:18:40
Prefer https over ssh 3dfed205de47850d459106b2479484d83fdcbca8 Catalin(ux) M. BOIE 2016-09-28 02:23:44

Before first commit, do not forget to setup your git environment:
git config --global user.name "your_name_here"
git config --global user.email "your@email_here"

Clone this repository using HTTP(S):
git clone https://code.reversed.top/user/xaizek/rocketgit

Clone this repository using ssh (do not forget to upload a key first):
git clone ssh://rocketgit@code.reversed.top/user/xaizek/rocketgit

You are allowed to anonymously push to this repository.
This means that your pushed commits will automatically be transformed into a pull request:
... clone the repository ...
... make some changes and some commits ...
git push origin master