xaizek / pms (License: GPLv3+) (since 2018-12-07)
Older version of Practical Music Search written in C++.
Subject SHA-1 Author Date
Add the remainder of the reworked main loop: progress_nextsong(), set_xterm_title(), and mediator stuff 463694800049259d4a1a3888b85f3598d183fe34 Kim Tore Jensen 2015-08-25 17:45:47
Add remainder of EXIT_IDLE macros b0f602feb230e75c5ab8c3541670fe4844f4cc46 Kim Tore Jensen 2015-08-25 17:18:30
Move functions out of assert() statements ec83c51d531811dc8ec3a1afc18653f3ba2ebc7d Kim Tore Jensen 2015-08-25 16:38:56
Fix Control::mute(), which was completely broken df45b558a8ec33b496ab43510627c19c0deda166 Kim Tore Jensen 2015-08-22 16:38:24
Remove the 'playmode' and 'repeat' settings, replacing them by MPD's repeat, random, consume, and single modes. e28e3a24c42b450340d6c94b23bf2ec5d903eea3 Kim Tore Jensen 2015-08-22 16:26:35
Fix crash in playlist update due to song list and filter mismatch be83c4ab68e5c6ada8b082c26aef5a1a9466b3d4 Kim Tore Jensen 2015-08-22 09:43:58
Fix currently playing song highlight not always being drawn correctly b7d36a649d2339a22a11fb3530399cb6e9e3ca96 Kim Tore Jensen 2015-08-22 08:59:54
Fix removal of songs in the queue, and fix memory leak in Songlist::add() 0cf7f4c0b16a038751f5b0987b70f56295ab063d Kim Tore Jensen 2015-08-22 08:55:39
Fix return value of get_current_song() d18d0941e7447536dadef06802d9b35e368d02d3 Kim Tore Jensen 2015-08-21 15:17:13
ArtistSort and AlbumArtistSort support will be implemented in future libmpdclient versions 138bc778e804795153bb636b124f672a0330fff2 Kim Tore Jensen 2015-08-21 14:59:41

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