xaizek / pms (License: GPLv3+) (since 2018-12-07)
Older version of Practical Music Search written in C++.
Subject SHA-1 Author Date
Reset cursor position when clearing a list ce932d6d6f4d888bef42b2bd46b9d4e9471264cc Kim Tore Jensen 2015-08-30 10:55:13
Update copyright year to 2015 54a44bfddf1d45852da0e55a3e2dacde6f64180c Kim Tore Jensen 2015-08-30 10:46:49
Use getopt for argument parsing, redefine program option -? to -h and -h to -H, update version d9eae5887e922469f4194696e539a0ed116db18f Kim Tore Jensen 2015-08-30 10:23:03
Fix :create command which behaved as :save 627637e1361f8a850a69286cff793695dcc310ba Kim Tore Jensen 2015-08-30 09:27:29
Replace old README file 3e7e68b723debd4435c4a437c16b4b4fbfd254b0 Kim Tore Jensen 2015-08-30 09:11:44
Remove CIABot script 8ba65b4deb4105978643ab4cef72aa9c666d241c Kim Tore Jensen 2015-08-30 08:15:20
Start porting manpage to markdown format a2c3e35f0bdb351875e957df617b754519db0b02 Kim Tore Jensen 2015-08-29 23:04:20
Update the README file c911966c8c4b847bfec0abe242595127a0268159 Kim Tore Jensen 2015-08-28 22:25:28
Remove ZeroMQ from program requirements 83ba4473e00fc6822797b3434531d20da35ff4a5 Kim Tore Jensen 2015-08-28 22:11:09
Reduce libmpdclient version requirement to 2.5 449eb668d12cd069002b925675ae5d870e09186c Kim Tore Jensen 2015-08-28 22:10:00

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