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Bash and Zsh shell history suggest box - easily view, navigate, search and manage your command history.
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2016-11-22  Martin Dvorak  <martin.dvorak@mindforger.com>

  * Released v1.21 - Ubuntu Yakkety Yak release

2016-04-27  Martin Dvorak  <martin.dvorak@mindforger.com>

  * Released v1.20 - Bottom prompt
  * This release rewrite of screen rendering allowing to
    choose prompt and help location - top or bottom. In
    addition Ubuntu 16.04 LST is supported.

2015-11-25  Martin Dvorak  <martin.dvorak@mindforger.com>

  * Released v1.19 - Stabilization release
  * This minor release brings fixes of regexp mode.

2015-11-23  Martin Dvorak  <martin.dvorak@mindforger.com>

  * Released v1.18 - Blacklists, Debian and Gentoo
  * This minor release bring blacklist configurable from
    a file (commands that are ignored). It also improves
    Debian and Gentoo distribution builders.

2015-05-09  Martin Dvorak  <martin.dvorak@mindforger.com>

  * Released v1.17 - History Management and Color Profiles
  * This release brings improvements and stabilization
    of the history management along with terminal
    background agnostic color profiles.

2015-01-08  Martin Dvorak  <martin.dvorak@mindforger.com>

  * Released v1.15 - First Item Autoselect and Vim Binding
  * Minor release that brings first history item
    autoselect on empty prompt selection, Vim style
    history navigation binding and several bug fixes.

2014-10-29  Martin Dvorak  <martin.dvorak@mindforger.com>

  * Released v1.14 - Keyboard Search and Improved Highlighting
  * New release brings keyboard based search i.e. matching
    of history entries by occurrence of words in arbitrary
        * In addition highlighting of matching segments in history
    entries has been improved.

2014-09-11  Martin Dvorak  <martin.dvorak@mindforger.com>

  * Released v1.13 - Transparent terminal and Internationalization
  * New release brings support for transparent terminals.
  * Internationalization problems were finally solved - use
    of Czech, German, Chinese, ... special characters w/
    and w/o diacritics should be smooth.

2014-05-05  Martin Dvorak  <martin.dvorak@mindforger.com>

  * Released v1.12 - Regexp
  * New release brings regexp based filtering of command
    history. In addition it's possible to use HSTR in
    non-interactive mode i.e. filtered output is written
    to standard output. openSUSE became newly supported

2014-04-14  Martin Dvorak  <martin.dvorak@mindforger.com>

  * Released v1.10 - Favorites
  * Major release that brings favorites - favorite
    commands can be bookmarked for later use and managed
    in a brand new view

2014-03-16  Martin Dvorak  <martin.dvorak@mindforger.com>

  * Released v1.3 - Radix Sort Stabilization
  * A stabilization release that enables loading of huge
    history files and makes internal radix sort
    implementation more efficient.

2014-01-25  Martin Dvorak  <martin.dvorak@mindforger.com>

  * Released v1.0 - The First Stable Release

2013-12-03  Martin Dvorak  <martin.dvorak@mindforger.com>

  * Released v0.2 - Initial Release

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