xaizek / hstr (License: Apachev2) (since 2018-12-07)
Bash and Zsh shell history suggest box - easily view, navigate, search and manage your command history.
Subject SHA-1 Author Date
Added history file management and fixed #9. d078fb02d99caf378e00020559ebb432c96870f5 Martin Dvorak 2013-12-15 15:20:41
Added history mgmt functions. a994222f43aafc309002326958432664419715fc Martin Dvorak 2013-12-15 14:49:07
Fixed #14 by removing hash set that's no longer neede. 0e564239a88347788296bfd1afbf41a6d7ba0c58 Martin Dvorak 2013-12-15 13:18:47
Removing history flushing (could not work as running in child shell and is shell built-in. 1f2ee46e39225e2505810d7f958ba8d17628a5f0 Martin Dvorak 2013-12-15 13:13:07
Removing version from src. fa9b42ded386cd3e288df2c3ec2639524b1d6768 Martin Dvorak 2013-12-15 11:32:19
Improved ranking function. ed9ab79887d5e29efbf29f31ac4c707d9590a644 Martin Dvorak 2013-12-15 11:21:51
Polishing, Apache license headers, history from file loading removal, radix sort optimization impl started. 35513e47d0dd567a824e01d981e2b8b8d7cd5815 Martin Dvorak 2013-12-15 10:21:37
Removing debugs. 98d93e846eeb7123949a3283e2505de895d30440 Martin Dvorak 2013-12-15 00:22:07
Adding hash map and radix sort. 6b8d1564bcab7d8a3ca3278844d341b3d2977f09 Martin Dvorak 2013-12-15 00:03:02
Added history ranking, filtering and blacklisting. Enabled by the implementation of hash map (based on hash set) and radix sort. Memory not freed. 273c8456e2c92b9ee6ea7346c589418e6b589883 Martin Dvorak 2013-12-15 00:00:41

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