xaizek / hstr (License: Apachev2) (since 2018-12-07)
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Subject SHA-1 Author Date
Removing UTF8 debug. c7aa0a2ee3a3323456064c80a3eb3ba4a5d6dc08 Martin Dvorak 2014-09-11 16:29:38
Adding wide character aware strlen() for backspace. 51672abd4a4fee4662b4ee6226ffee5985112289 Martin Dvorak 2014-09-11 16:28:02
Adding wide character logging. c09566fd29a2ed2c3f69bbf9fd993bf12e04cbcf Martin Dvorak 2014-07-20 21:03:10
Switching to ncursesw to handle utf8. 568f4b524ebd563356f4f91ac4c1d23c10fc6cc3 Martin Dvorak 2014-07-19 04:34:50
Adding utf8 test. 21ea4c288efeb75c4037b4e9ee168ee2c81347b8 Martin Dvorak 2014-06-07 04:08:42
Improving man page. b8c1bbc50ef746501c907a12e739827d7e2ef332 Martin Dvorak 2014-05-21 04:14:09
Source code polishing a1d1681aad1a84ca63e384d4e713f7eb4db0396a Martin Dvorak 2014-05-18 03:51:32
Fixed #75 by removal of explicit background color specification - transparent terminals supported from now on. bc935b1f08e1bbf202f6a2aca61bcd57b7244d73 Martin Dvorak 2014-05-18 03:46:39
Source code polishing. 3458c9ea9d70a3ad10da4353032182e3613ccfd7 Martin Dvorak 2014-05-18 03:32:27
Unique favorites & hash/hh memory cleanup implemented - no obvious problem present. f530fe0dba2703936760015cf429f9ea8b2d3591 Martin Dvorak 2014-05-16 16:51:37

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