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Author: Sawan Vithlani
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... ... port install readline
104 104 port install ncurses port install ncurses
105 105 ``` ```
106 106
107 Build and install:
107 Build and install (if using Homebrew):
108 108 ```bash ```bash
109 109 autoreconf -fvi autoreconf -fvi
110 110 ./configure CFLAGS=-I$(brew --prefix)/opt/readline/include LDFLAGS=-L$(brew --prefix)/opt/readline/lib ./configure CFLAGS=-I$(brew --prefix)/opt/readline/include LDFLAGS=-L$(brew --prefix)/opt/readline/lib
111 111 make make
112 112 ``` ```
113 113
114 Alternative if using MacPorts:
115 ```bash
116 autoreconf -fvi
117 ./configure CFLAGS=-I/opt/local/include/ LDFLAGS=-L/opt/local/lib
118 make
119 ```
114 121 Optionally [configure](CONFIGURATION.md) `hh` and check its [man page](README.md#documentation). Optionally [configure](CONFIGURATION.md) `hh` and check its [man page](README.md#documentation).

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