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Commit 07fb25e2fb12a0094dfb9f8829fe4c803e81e6e5

Adding Launchpad release protection from running and destroying local git repository.
Author: Martin Dvorak
Author date (UTC): 2016-04-27 06:13
Committer name: Martin Dvorak
Committer date (UTC): 2016-04-27 06:13
Parent(s): 12913e85d45bb64b1fb775c0a615b800d6a813f7
Signing key:
Tree: bc93f75df5ff440ea3a8b7dd7c585c76c930a56e
File Lines added Lines deleted
dist/ubuntu-make-all-distros.sh 8 2
File dist/ubuntu-make-all-distros.sh changed (mode: 100755) (index a5a2419..ceb68d3)
9 9 # - check minor version in this file # - check minor version in this file
10 10 # - run this script from ~/p/hstr/launchpad # - run this script from ~/p/hstr/launchpad
11 11
12 export HHBZRMSG="Buffer overflow fix of regexp mode."
12 if [ -e "../.git" ]
13 then
14 echo "This script MUST NOT be run from Git repository - run it e.g. from ~/p/hstr/launchpad instead"
15 exit 1
16 fi
18 export HHBZRMSG="Top and bottom prompt."
13 19 export VERSION=1.20. export VERSION=1.20.
14 export MINOR=1
20 export MINOR=3
15 21
16 22 # precise quantal saucy precise utopic / trusty vivid wily xenial # precise quantal saucy precise utopic / trusty vivid wily xenial
17 23 for DISTRO in xenial for DISTRO in xenial

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