xaizek / vifm (License: GPLv2+) (since 2018-12-07)
Vifm is a file manager with curses interface, which provides Vi[m]-like environment for managing objects within file systems, extended with some useful ideas from mutt.
<root> / tests / escape / esc_str_overhead.c (acb72250c4be94664461f227675fae257eb537d9) (886B) (mode 100644) [raw]
#include <stic.h>

#include "../../src/ui/escape.h"

	const char *const input = "abcdef";
	assert_int_equal(0, esc_str_overhead(input));

	const char *const input = "\033[39;40m\033[0mdef";
	assert_int_equal(12, esc_str_overhead(input));

	const char *const input = "abc\033[39;40m\033[0mdef";
	assert_int_equal(12, esc_str_overhead(input));

	const char *const input = "abc\033[39;40m\033[0m";
	assert_int_equal(12, esc_str_overhead(input));

	const char *const input = "\033[1m\033[32m[\\w]\\$\033[39;40m\033[0m ";
	assert_int_equal(21, esc_str_overhead(input));

/* vim: set tabstop=2 softtabstop=2 shiftwidth=2 noexpandtab cinoptions-=(0 : */
/* vim: set cinoptions+=t0 filetype=c : */

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