xaizek / vifm (License: GPLv2+) (since 2018-12-07)
Vifm is a file manager with curses interface, which provides Vi[m]-like environment for managing objects within file systems, extended with some useful ideas from mutt.
Subject SHA-1 Author Date
Version v0.13-beta 00cf151e5eeaac65086933e6d80fb0d3b5f2aceb xaizek 2023-03-17 11:58:53
Unsupported color in :highlight is no hard error a73039c57111fae98afc3bbb47276d744890cc93 xaizek 2023-03-17 11:57:15
Improve menu_can_be_searched_interactively() test 8c17d9229019cc8b33d31faf7253ffd5f8a4d3b7 xaizek 2023-03-16 22:57:31
Fix updating ChangeLogs in deploy script 1500d98f84e2b649cada9ddb0874d0089200a246 xaizek 2023-03-16 22:22:19
Update NEWS file for v0.13 beta 15ddfa4b74ca4093e14f515ff9aa42b56d77f572 xaizek 2023-03-16 22:17:51
Fix :compare toggling options even without ! cc5b3a01e462d1e893d11953d2039aa945cc31d1 xaizek 2023-03-16 17:02:42
Extract tests/commands/misc.c fixture 6d1196088bd34583dd62b17ec1ea6ddb896fcd0e xaizek 2023-03-16 16:31:24
Document one more fix in ChangeLog.LuaAPI e6c8ed740e1767d0e19f157a38f90475e949ac13 xaizek 2023-03-16 16:03:08
Typos/formatting fixes for ChangeLog fedcfec2b8c433a8309aeda4745a4bd089e87078 xaizek 2023-03-16 16:02:54
Bump version of Lua API to v0.1.0 4039d9d9aae1ac1a6f44f1d41433dc129da5cfc7 xaizek 2023-03-14 22:58:58

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