xaizek / vifm (License: GPLv2+) (since 2018-12-07)
Vifm is a file manager with curses interface, which provides Vi[m]-like environment for managing objects within file systems, extended with some useful ideas from mutt.
<root> / Makefile.am (8b1e3b9a0f96e691f3c24461c1608d1f22622d2a) (527B) (mode 100644) [raw]
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## Process this file with automake to produce Makefile.in


EXTRA_DIST = COPYING.3party FAQ BUGS patches pkgs tests
	make -C "$(distdir)/tests" clean

# enable generating tags files in particular directories
	mkdir -p $(distdir)/data/vim/doc/app/ $(distdir)/data/vim/doc/plugin/
	chmod u+w $(distdir)/data/vim/doc/app/ $(distdir)/data/vim/doc/plugin/

	+make -C "$(abs_top_srcdir)/tests" "B=$(abs_builddir)/tests/" clean

coverage: force
	$(MAKE) -C src $@

force: ;

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