xaizek / vifm (License: GPLv2+) (since 2018-12-07)
Vifm is a file manager with curses interface, which provides Vi[m]-like environment for managing objects within file systems, extended with some useful ideas from mutt.
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All suggestions or complaints should be sent to xaizek@posteo.net.

Current author is xaizek <xaizek@posteo.net> (since 2011).
Original author is Ken Steen <ksteen@users.sourceforge.net> (2001 - 2011).

The pauseme script (removed in 0.6.3) was from the tkdesk program.

Some of the code is from emelfm by Michael Clark.

The screen-open-region-with-program and screen-ren-program-in-region were
written by Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters.

The file sorting function is from the git program by Tudor Hulubei
and Andrei Pitis.

A patch for filetypes detection was written by Stefan Walter.

FreeBSD and NetBSD  ports by Stefan Walter.

Debian package by Edelhard Becker.

Terry Brown wrote part of the keybinding code.

Gentoo package by Peter Johanson.

Ralf Arens added the configurable color code and rewrote the bookmarks

Dmitry Suzdalev fixed the :!<Enter> bug.

MacOSX Fink package by Damien Ferrand

Karsten Schoelzel - submitted a patch to fix the handling of files with
a % in the name.

Ali Gholami Rudi - submitted patch fixing buffer overflow in

Ondrej Martinak - Patch to fix handling of directories with spaces.
                  Patch for file sizes larger than 4 Gb and to correct typos.

pld-linux group patch for malloc in colorschemes

Woody Kiang - command completion and wide character support in

Minozake - start vifm --help fix

Dan Price - wrote the human friendly file size and the ascending and
descending sort.

from fork of wsdookadr (Petrea Stefan Corneliu):
- %b
- unmount all FUSE mounts on exit
- functional keys in user mappings
- idea of temporary blocking inotify events from very active files

seatest is written by Keith Nicholas

Patches for Vim plugin and handling of errors from external applications
without temporary files by Colin Cartade.

Patch that fixes using of invalid (or at least strange) item names in the
stat structure by Kaspars Bankovskis.

Chris Yuen provided a patch to fix compilation on Mac OS X.

Chris Skalenda wrote a patch to allow setting the trash directory location.

Miles (pkordy) provided a patch to fix opening of tagged (selected) symbolic
links to a directory.

Gentoo ebuild by Oleg Gordienko (gordio).

Seth VanHeulen (a.k.a. svanheulen) added integration with tmux.

MadMaverick9 provided patches for various fixes.

lyuts fixed trash emptying in csh-like shells.

Patches for Vim plugin by Jonathan Da Silva.

More human-friendly (xterm-like) names for 256 colors by Michael
Vetter (a.k.a. jubalh).

Some build system fixes/updates/best practices by Hendrik Jaeger (a.k.a.

Shell completions and patches for Vim plugin, vifm-screen-split and
documentation by filterfalse.

Christian Fillion (a.k.a. cfillion) fixed crash on navigation to end of line
in command-line mode.

%FOREGROUND FUSE mount flag by Johannes (a.k.a. johannesmeng).

Brian Callahan (a.k.a. ibara) fixed build on OpenBSD.

Cosmin Popescu (a.k.a. cosminadrianpopescu) added "*" to 'slowfs', match numbers
to search messages, :shell!, extension sorting fix, fileext sorting key, dynamic
view column alignment.

Michel Normand fixed compilation for PowerPC where PAGE_SIZE isn't defined.

Dennis Hamester fixed interaction with emacsclient due to reopening terminal as

Svyatoslav Mishyn (a.k.a. juef) aligned options in conflict resolution dialog.

oo- added shortcuts to dialogs.

Dmitry Frank (a.k.a. dimonomid) provided multiple patches.

John Shea (a.k.a. coachshea) provided fix for the plugin related to neovim.

Daniel Mueller fixed CWD of the process not matching current view after vifm
picked up change in file system and on startup.

Ma_Sys.ma implemented 'syncregs' option which defines group of instances that
share registers.

Konst Mayer (a.k.a. cdlscpmv) dropped leading space from value of 'timefmt'.

rbong authored a number of changes that extend functionality of the Vim plugin
originally as a separate plugin for neovim, later merged into the main one.

zsugabubus provided multiple patches.

Von Welch submitted vifm-media-osx script.

Richard Benson provided icon for the project.

Roman Plášil (a.k.a. Quiark) authored script for converting Vim's color scheme
into a Vifm's one.

Bas Bossink (a.k.a. basbossink) fixed issues with non-tiny 'shellcmdflag' on

Stephen Horst (a.k.a. sjhorst) fixed adding files with spaces in their names
as e-mail attachments in the plugin.

Hans Bieshaar added HardLink highlight group.

Alborz Jafari added rate and progress bar to progress dialog.

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