xaizek / vifm (License: GPLv2+) (since 2018-12-07)
Vifm is a file manager with curses interface, which provides Vi[m]-like environment for managing objects within file systems, extended with some useful ideas from mutt.
vifm v0.10.1 ------------
This version provides additions and improvements for media management feature,
several enhancements related to text user interface, extra features to Vim
plugin thanks to merging in neovim-vifm plugin and various small changes.

Thanks to everyone who tried out the beta.

Main changes:
 - added file preview to miller mode
 - added preview macro to directly output to terminal, which enables use of
   Sixel graphics for previewing;
 - added udisks2 backend to vifm-media script (bundled script for managing
   media) and version of the script for OS X;
 - updated code to make use of large amount of color pairs when available;
 - functionality of previously separate neovim-vifm plugin got merged into the
   main plugin;
 - multiple improvements to :media menu;
 - improved performance in several use cases (quickview, lots of unhighlighted
   files, unnecessary cursor updates and redraws).

More detailed list of changes.

Command-line mode:
 - added :cds command that navigates to path obtained by substitution in the
   current path (thanks to j-xella);
 - added :hideui command that hides interface to show previous commands'
   output (thanks to dikiy);
 - added one more invocation format of :colorscheme command, which picks the
   first available color scheme that is supported by the terminal (thanks to
   Jose Riha, a.k.a. jose1711);
 - always preserve tabs on :restart (thanks to mwgkgk);
 - refuse to compare directory against itself via :compare command (thanks to
   Jose Riha, a.k.a. jose1711).

:set command and options:
 - added fileroot view column, which displays full name of directories and
   symbolic links to directories and only root of name for everything
   else (thanks to chelovechishko);
 - added 'shellcmdflag' option that allows customizing how shell is invoked.
   Enables running it in interactive mode, which can make shell aliases and
   functions work (thanks to Ink (a.k.a. inknoir), John Shea (a.k.a. coachshea)
   and randomizedthinking);
 - added L flag to 'shortmess' option to display only last directory in tab
   line instead of full path (thanks to chelovechishko);
 - added ^= operation for string list options (thanks to SearyBlue);
 - added ^= operation for options of set kind;
 - added rpreview: key to 'milleroptions' option that allows enabling preview
   of files (thanks to Svadkos and Tom Jansen);
 - added %p macro to 'findprg' option.  It works as a mix between %a and %A
   macros: usually contains arguments passed to :find command, but unlike %a
   doesn't include any predicates (thanks to Sitaram Chamarty and Tuan Bui,
   a.k.a. tuanbass);
 - added "space" and "nospace" values to 'sizefmt' option (patch by
 - do not add leading comma to string list options on set opt+=item;
 - don't create trash directory on startup if 'trash' is off (patch by

Key bindings:
 - improved <silent> to do not forcefully update screen after the mapping if no
   screen updates were skipped.

 - complete user name in paths after initial tilde (e.g., :cd ~r<tab> =>
   :cd ~root).

 - added %pd macro that makes preview output directly affect terminal
   circumventing curses interface, which could be used to display sixel
   images (thanks to Tom Jansen).

Color schemes:
 - added OtherWin highlight group for highlighting inactive pane (thanks to
   John Fred Fadrigalan, a.k.a. cevhyruz).

Menus and dialogs:
 - added indication of entry's availability to :file, :file[x]type and
   :fileviewer menus;
 - added [ and ] bindings to :media menu that provide navigation between
   devices (patch by zsugabubus);
 - added decorations to :media menu (patch by zsugabubus);
 - react to Enter in :media menu on device lines, mount on "not mounted" line
   and do nothing otherwise (patch by zsugabubus);
 - show empty lines in :media only if there is enough vertical space (patch by
 - removed empty line from :file and similar menus for case when vifm was
   configured with --disable-desktop-files flag (second time).

 - added extcached() builtin function, which can be used to improve performance
   of file queries by caching results of external commands (thanks to Matthias
   Braun, a.k.a. mb720).

 - try to preserve symbolic links in current path when starting vifm by
   checking value of $PWD (thanks to Vigi).

 - resolve symbolic links for mime-type matchers (thanks to Vigi);
 - do not check for view changes while suggestions are visible.  It can mess up
   TUI, especially in combination with preview (thanks to ks1c).

File operations:
 - preserve extended attributes on copying files (thanks to hutou);
 - don't throw away errors that were ignored by the user, display them at the
   end of operation;
 - consume input during foreground file operations.  Otherwise it remains
   buffered and is processed after the operation is over, which might not be
   the intent of the user;
 - reduce number of options available on file conflict when source and
   destination are the same to avoid confusion (options that overwrite do
   nothing in this case) (thanks to aleksejrs).

File preview:
 - do not complain about empty output of a graphics previewer for view mode;
 - clear preview before displaying suggestions (thanks to ks1c).

TUI (Text User Interface):
 - renamed filename filter to "permanent filter" consisting of
   "explicit" (ex-manual) and "implicit" (ex-automatic) parts (thanks to
   Sitaram Chamarty);
 - changed file rename prompt to indicate whether full name or only its root is
   being changed;
 - try to determine widths of printed character more accurately;
 - drop leading space implicitly added to time columns in views (thanks to

 - added info= field to parser of 'mediaprg' output.  It provides custom
   message for the media (patch by zsugabubus);
 - added udisks2 backend to vifm-media script (bundled script for managing
   media).  Requires python and dbus module for it to be installed (because
   udisks2 and dbus are too shitty to be used on command-line) (thanks to
 - added FUSE_MOUNT3 filetype format, which is equivalent to FUSE_MOUNT, but
   doesn't perform unmounting.  Helpful to use something like avfs (thanks to
   Jose Riha, a.k.a. jose1711);
 - added vifm-media-osx script that is configured to be used (via 'mediaprg')
   on OS X (patch by Von Welch);
 - error stream from 'mediaprg' isn't considered anymore when deciding if
   mounting/unmounting was successful.  While technically an incompatible
   change, it's unlikely to cause any issues;
 - spawn 'mediaprg' in foreground to allow interactions with the user, like
   providing a password (patch by zsugabubus);
 - properly remove FUSE mount points if they are symbolic links;
 - assume that any $TERM value that starts with "xterm-", "rxvt-" or "screen-"
   supports terminal title (thanks to Matthias Braun, a.k.a. mb720).

 - better documentation for TabLine and TabLineSel highlighting groups (thanks
   to mwgkgk);
 - clearer documentation/description for :*unmap commands and 'vicmd'/'vixcmd'
   options (thanks to chelovechishko);
 - improve documentation of patterns and globs (thanks to afsheenb);
 - improved documentation on filters (thanks to Sitaram Chamarty);
 - document more details about expansion of FUSE macros;
 - make documentation of 'findprg' more readable.

 - added :Vifm command as an alias for :EditVifm (patch by rbong);
 - added optional splitting of the embedded terminal (g:vifm_embed_split).  Has
   support for Vim's <mods> and <count> (patch by rbong);
 - added option to synchronize working directory of the embedded instance of
   vifm with the Vim host (g:vifm_embed_cwd) (patch by rbong);
 - added ability to replace netrw with vifm (g:vifm_replace_netrw and
   g:vifm_replace_netrw_cmd) (patch by rbong);
 - added autodetection of *.vifm files as files with "vifm" filetype to the
   plugin (patch by Anton Kochkov, a.k.a. XVilka).

 - added example of using xsel to sample vifmrc file (thanks to chelovechishko);
 - enabled 'vimhelp' in sample vifmrc file by default.

 - added caching to quickview for a single file to avoid fileviewer being called
   more often than needed (thanks to agguser);
 - try to avoid superfluous screen updates related to cursor position;
 - remember when file doesn't match any file-specific highlighting groups for
   better performance (thanks to Gomme Bidule);
 - generate faster regular expressions by vifm-convert-dircolors (thanks to
   Gomme Bidule).

Only on Windows:
 - upgraded to PDCurses 3.8 (was 3.4) for Windows.  This allows using 256 colors
   inside ConEmu.  Note that ConEmu has issues processing 256 colors on the last
   line of the screen, so avoid using them for status line (thanks to dancread).

Other changes:
 - don't error on trash creation failure due to read-only file system (patch by

Important fixes:
 - fixed losing files on failed move operation.  Source files were deleted
   assuming they were copied successfully, even when errors regarding some of
   them were ignored by the user (thanks to zsugabubus);
 - fixed vifm not making use of large number of color pairs when they are
   available (thanks to Jose Riha (a.k.a. jose1711) and Hans Petter
   Jansson (a.k.a. hpjansson));
 - fixed color pairs being exhausted on Windows when default color ends up being
   used often, this caused highlighting to go awry (thanks to dancread);
 - fixed textual output of graphical previewers not being displayed in view
   mode (thanks to agguser);
 - fixed DirEnter autocommand being called with view being in a mixed state of
   old and new location (thanks to Kendrick Taylor, a.k.a. sixcircuit).

See change log for the full list of changes and by whom they were suggested or
Subject SHA-1 Author Date
Version v0.10.1 546be4ebeff705ccff0ea323630e7c753fd26cac xaizek 2019-07-28 21:19:39
Update NEWS file for v0.10.1 7d6b1cfab6c6c781b13ec833a0d8f8230d83f5fb xaizek 2019-07-28 20:44:17
Fix inactive mark (*) not being drawn sometimes 31171936614a46e18927da676aea50a232af663e xaizek 2019-07-28 20:50:04
Fix style of some comments in int/term_title.c 3680d9c6e7be1bcc796dd459b9ae05304c58cf2a xaizek 2019-07-25 18:00:34
Document for which $TERM values 'title' works 6e574b82be6523d83c59d89f2ddffb062a0438ba xaizek 2019-07-25 17:57:56
Extend list of terminals that support title 9b9add0bc8ff890107e26deeef45823c076a3f33 xaizek 2019-07-25 17:02:55
Test int/term_title.c:get_title_kind() fef4f82bd5c2e905d1fd443d9225e5089ac20a16 xaizek 2019-07-25 16:48:43
Make int/term_title.c:get_title_kind() testable 841e4a49d10b4bdca13cfa507d66c7a322ddc630 xaizek 2019-07-25 16:48:20
Pass $TERM value into get_title_kind() as a param 0227a3ca1c3ec08b3546c8c52a7f579b9919a766 xaizek 2019-07-25 16:47:22
Fix missing screen update after some startup cmds c739da73d0c577ead9f331563c347dc4f9d75261 xaizek 2019-07-25 14:20:59

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