xaizek / tos (License: GPLv3 only) (since 2018-12-07)
This is an alternative version of sources presented as part of Write Your Own OS video tutorial by Viktor Engelmann.
<root> / src /
File Mode Size
drv/ 040000
fs/ 040000
gui/ 040000
hwcomm/ 040000
net/ 040000
utils/ 040000
Console.cpp 100644 2,349B
Console.hpp 100644 524B
Demo.hpp 100644 3,324B
GDT.cpp 100644 2,359B
GDT.hpp 100644 238B
assert.hpp 100644 313B
kernel.cpp 100644 8,046B
loader.S 100644 568B
memorymanagement.cpp 100644 2,878B
memorymanagement.hpp 100644 486B
multiboot.hpp 100644 8,739B
multitasking.cpp 100644 2,128B
multitasking.hpp 100644 2,438B
multitaskingstubs.S 100644 151B
print.cpp 100644 1,043B
print.hpp 100644 541B
syscalls.cpp 100644 495B
syscalls.hpp 100644 369B

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