xaizek / pipedial (License: GPLv3 only) (since 2019-01-08)
One more tool for selecting something in console.
Subject SHA-1 Author Date
Extract PipeDial::editAndAccept() method 8bcdb2de69e697aee2fbf18d31994d194f27e188 xaizek 2020-07-29 16:55:54
Extract PipeDial::filter() method a9884d86dfb4b54b28d2fbf85f70ac4e87e52421 xaizek 2020-07-29 16:53:33
Do case-insensitive filtering on empty results e2ed8fdac868d082e8ff0fb1552b864af8f9ff61 xaizek 2020-07-29 16:46:38
Upgrade libcursed submodule 64cf2b4c79978b086366c68e3453ede6b9d15e8c xaizek 2020-07-29 16:45:58
Add ChangeLog 557e226c48cf93fa0ea946c05ed105cc9f4550e1 xaizek 2019-09-23 21:23:12
v0.2 d2da41e90d034bd3c9fc8b19ed0968f6caa8496a xaizek 2019-09-21 14:28:43
Pin version of the license to be GPL3 only 36afb913834cdf01127857295e973a388d6d3680 xaizek 2019-09-21 14:25:39
Add Ctrl-E and Ctrl-Y keys b73665d41846a1e370696619ee7ea31fb398299c xaizek 2019-05-21 15:45:44
Use named colors (upgrade libcursed) e3000b9a2e19fcdbe8f2d8672b5e711e9e8a6117 xaizek 2019-04-23 21:21:22
Switch to using libvle as a submodule 450da964de718cfde4910da573275d3ebf7c2198 xaizek 2019-04-21 14:27:53

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