User / name Description Creation date (UTC) Type License
xaizek / c-test-auto-reg Examples of automatic test registration in plain C as employed by stic. 2018-12-07 Public Unspecified
xaizek / d2if Simple dzen2 input formatter, which is supposed to not waste CPU time for nothing and provides a number of builtin "widgets" for displaying system information. 2018-12-07 Public GPLv2+
xaizek / dit Command-line task keeper that remembers all old values and is meant to combine several orthogonal features to be rather flexible in managing items. 2018-12-07 Public GPLv3
xaizek / dotfiles Various dotfiles. 2018-12-07 Public Unspecified
xaizek / dotvifm Vifm configuration files. 2018-12-07 Public Unspecified
xaizek / dotvim Vim configuration and plugins. 2018-12-07 Public Unspecified
xaizek / etabench Benchmark for algorithms that compute I/O ETA 2022-09-08 Public GPLv3
xaizek / euclid-wm A minimalist, tiling window manager for X11 that seeks to allow easy management of numerous windows entirely from the keyboard. 2018-12-07 Public BSD 3-Clause
xaizek / for-postfix Clang-based standalone tool that detects for-loops with postfix operators. 2018-12-07 Public GPLv2+
xaizek / fragile Simple lightweight CI, attempting to be somewhat Unix-like in its philosophy. 2018-12-07 Public AGPLv3+
xaizek / gcc-plugins Some GCC plugins (actually only one was uploaded so far, and its functionality is not unique). 2018-12-07 Public GPLv3+
xaizek / hstr Bash and Zsh shell history suggest box - easily view, navigate, search and manage your command history. 2018-12-07 Public Apachev2
xaizek / libcursed C++ classes for dealing with curses. 2019-03-16 Public GPLv3+
xaizek / libcursedrl libcursed extension for integration with readline. 2019-03-24 Public GPLv3+
xaizek / libvle Library for building Vim-like applications. 2019-04-21 Public GPLv3+
xaizek / mpdknotifier A notification application that informs you about currently played song. 2018-12-07 Public GPLv2+
xaizek / objdeps This is a python script that analyzes output of `objdump` to understand connections between object files. 2020-09-11 Public Apache-2.0
xaizek / pinfo Console-based info and manual pages reader, which adds interactive navigation to man pages. 2018-12-07 Public GPLv2 only
xaizek / pipedial One more tool for selecting something in console. 2019-01-08 Public GPLv3 only
xaizek / pms Older version of Practical Music Search written in C++. 2018-12-07 Public GPLv3+
xaizek / rocketgit Light and fast Git hosting solution suitable to serve both as a hub or as a personal code storage with its tickets, pull requests, API and much more. 2018-12-09 Public AGPLv3+
xaizek / self-inc-first Clang-based standalone tool that checks for first included file being self include. 2018-12-07 Public GPLv2+
xaizek / stic Simple Tests In C with optional automatic test registration in C. 2018-12-07 Public MIT
xaizek / tos This is an alternative version of sources presented as part of Write Your Own OS video tutorial by Viktor Engelmann. 2018-12-07 Public GPLv3 only
xaizek / uncov Uncov(er) is a tool that collects and processes code coverage reports. 2018-12-07 Public AGPLv3+
xaizek / unused-funcs Clang-based standalone tool that detects unused external functions in a set of source files. 2018-12-07 Public GPLv2+
xaizek / vide Graphical predecessor of vifm that uses GTK+. 2018-12-07 Public GPLv2+
xaizek / vifm Vifm is a file manager with curses interface, which provides Vi[m]-like environment for managing objects within file systems, extended with some useful ideas from mutt. 2018-12-07 Public GPLv2+
xaizek / vifm-pdcurses PDCurses 3.4 with vifm-specific patches applied (a couple were upstreamed) 2019-03-20 Public mostly public domain
xaizek / vifm-w32 Initial Windows port of vifm. 2018-12-07 Public GPLv2+
xaizek / vimdoc2html Converts Vim-style documentation into HTML. 2018-12-07 Public GPLv3+
xaizek / vim-emacscommandline Emacs-style mappings for command-line mode in Vim. 2018-12-07 Public Unspecified
xaizek / vim-inccomplete Vim plugin for #include directive completion in C family of languages. 2018-12-07 Public Vim
xaizek / vim-includefixer Vim plugin to automatically categorize and alphabetize #include headers 2018-12-07 Public BSLv1
xaizek / vim-preamble Preamble Vim plugin by Mel Davis with a couple of fixes. 2018-12-07 Public Unspecified
xaizek / vim-qthelp This plugin opens Qt help pages in browser from C++ source code. 2018-12-07 Public Unspecified
xaizek / xscripts Small collection of some scripts I find useful. 2020-06-28 Public Apache-2.0
xaizek / zograscope Mainly a syntax-aware diff that also provides a number of additional tools. 2018-12-07 Public AGPLv3 only