xaizek / zograscope (License: AGPLv3 only) (since 2018-12-07)
Mainly a syntax-aware diff that also provides a number of additional tools.
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.\" Automatically generated by Pandoc
.\" Define V font for inline verbatim, using C font in formats
.\" that render this, and otherwise B font.
.ie "\f[CB]x\f[]"x" \{\
. ftr V B
. ftr VI BI
. ftr VB B
. ftr VBI BI
.el \{\
. ftr V CR
. ftr VI CI
. ftr VB CB
. ftr VBI CBI
.TH "zs-stats" "1" "July 19, 2022" "" ""
\f[I]zs-stats\f[R] is a tool for counting:
.IP \[bu] 2
lines of code
.IP \[bu] 2
size of functions (complete definition)
.IP \[bu] 2
number of functions
.IP \[bu] 2
number of parameters of functions
.IP \[bu] 2
possibly other things in the future
\f[V]zs-stats\f[R] \f[V][options...]\f[R] \f[I][paths\&...]\f[R]
Paths can specify both files and directories.
When no path is specified, \[lq].\[rq] is assumed.
.SS Tool-specific Options
.PD 0
print source code annotated with line types
.PD 0
here this common option also limits set of files to process
Differences from some similar tools:
.IP \[bu] 2
counts line containing only braces/brackets/parenthesis separately from
.IP \[bu] 2
blank lines inside multiline comments are counted as comments
.IP \[bu] 2
blank lines inside string literals are counted as code
.IP \[bu] 2
can be slower due to parsing source code instead of treating it as text
.IP \[bu] 2
supports a few languages and new ones are harder to add
.IP \[bu] 2
trailing blank lines are ignored (because there are no tree nodes for
them, although it\[cq]s possible to add them)
.IP \[bu] 2
last line continuation in macros in C aren\[cq]t recognized due to lack
of tokenization of preprocessor directives; in C++ it might not be
recognized due to SrcML bugs
\f[B]zograscope\f[R](7) for common options and list of all tools there.
xaizek <xaizek@posteo.net>.

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