xaizek / zograscope (License: AGPLv3 only) (since 2018-12-07)
Mainly a syntax-aware diff that also provides a number of additional tools.
Subject SHA-1 Author Date
Fix conditionals gluing recipes in Makefiles b91ee93b614069fee9aa3a7893599dd3bb2de66c xaizek 2022-11-29 22:37:27
Tokenize word in a recipe's line in Makefiles 6b1e7605dbd0b5bfdfd8ebafd656f77b5edeb43c xaizek 2022-11-29 19:15:39
Allow escaping of (/) in Makefile functions df7cf95a1a5c1f416004139660efa6fa7de11a0f xaizek 2022-11-29 19:09:20
Don't highlight $$ as a variable in Make 29290ec532fa6e1272e5cd3be45664e381a09acd xaizek 2022-11-22 19:16:19
Update third-party/tree-sitter/README.md bf77cfd807b87c61cb1cc2c08c1f6587649eee34 xaizek 2022-11-10 21:57:00
Build against libsrcml on AppVeyor 892471920bbc9f0b58817f6f325246e6a2a67848 xaizek 2022-08-28 16:53:49
Fix <srcml.h> being included unconditionally ffe0c1b407f1237f9d57b4ba8f4339717e0d44ee xaizek 2022-08-28 16:53:21
Fill in bash grammar ca6e9ed8edcde3658d2e81c31d61e167d362f73d xaizek 2022-08-28 12:32:43
Propagate types of nodes to leafs in TSTransformer 71bbd5354b4766db2a0ed1f6e0a4d88db7712768 xaizek 2022-08-28 12:29:29
Add list of bad nodes to TSTransformer 2dbb98ef1a406f883b4c901f4ac777546ac17102 xaizek 2022-08-01 20:54:37

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