xaizek / zograscope (License: AGPLv3 only) (since 2018-12-07)
Mainly a syntax-aware diff that also provides a number of additional tools.
Subject SHA-1 Author Date
Pin version of the license to be AGPL3 only 57349aac848834b59ccbf7adb202371252f1fcb9 xaizek 2019-09-29 11:37:24
Fix building on OS X on Travis CI 6ff1870869110bbc608e75ba513763ad9b859975 xaizek 2019-07-03 21:18:40
Add example of call meta-type to zs-find's README 8537087e505232acc177c2b7796eece591557a53 xaizek 2019-07-03 16:07:29
Add call node meta-type (extends zs-find a bit) 3ab93155d6aa13f4fecd6568e6a1ddd9ba4bf980 xaizek 2019-07-03 16:04:23
Recognize recursive nature of block meta-type a27ac9e01a29de610f54c1fea11ac5fb905173e1 xaizek 2019-07-03 11:49:40
Add a couple more tests of the Matcher 13bfb75a5bcedcacdd5582664f84074ca64d87c9 xaizek 2019-07-01 16:17:35
Fix odd alteration of empty parameter list in C++ b3515bf0e31da5a28fcdf56313e0b1ff19ae88d3 xaizek 2019-07-01 14:52:36
Better window title for zs-gdiff fd122cf26c536d82b4412452b34e8413360635ad xaizek 2019-07-01 13:39:17
Align output of zs-stats a bit better d4fc04ca1916dc7be6bd0631e8d92bf33d085782 xaizek 2019-06-09 17:45:10
Fix a typo: Language::isPseudoParam{ a => e }ter() bf5546df2edae8dd372526762afdb19d3ef5ab99 xaizek 2019-06-06 12:00:52

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