xaizek / vim-inccomplete (License: Vim) (since 2018-12-07)
Vim plugin for #include directive completion in C family of languages.
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What is this plugin

This is a completion plugin for C/C++/ObjC/ObjC++ preprocessor's #include directive.

Which files are matched

"" completion lists header files which are defined by hpp or h extension.

<> completion lists files that have hpp or h extension or don't have any.

Sources of completion

Sources for "" completion are configured via g:inccomplete_localsources and can include: - paths relative to the directory of current file - '-I' keys from g:clang_user_options - '-I' keys from b:clang_user_options

Additional sources for "" completion can be specified via b:inccomplete_roots (this is a list equivalent of older b:inccomplete_root string option).

Sources for <> completion are: - 'path' option (on *nix it's set to '/usr/include' by default, but on Windows you should set it to the right directories manually) - g:clang_user_options ('-I' keys) - b:clang_user_options ('-I' keys)

Additional notes

If you think it's faster to use find than builtin VimL functions, there is an option for that.

This plugin can be used along with clang_complete plugin. And maybe with some other completion plugins that weren't tested (inccomplete should work as long as it's loaded after some other completion plugin).


Same terms as Vim itself (see :help license).


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