xaizek / vide (License: GPLv2+) (since 2018-12-07)
Graphical predecessor of vifm that uses GTK+.
<root> / macros /
File Mode Size
Makefile 100644 8,266B
Makefile.am 100644 1,067B
Makefile.in 100644 7,110B
aclocal-include.m4 100644 372B
autogen.sh 100644 5,154B
compiler-flags.m4 100644 3,255B
curses.m4 100644 8,916B
gnome-bonobo-check.m4 100644 5,279B
gnome-common.m4 100644 265B
gnome-fileutils.m4 100644 11KiB
gnome-ghttp-check.m4 100644 467B
gnome-gnorba-check.m4 100644 988B
gnome-guile-checks.m4 100644 3,029B
gnome-libgtop-check.m4 100644 7,405B
gnome-objc-checks.m4 100644 2,188B
gnome-orbit-check.m4 100644 909B
gnome-print-check.m4 100644 6,798B
gnome-pthread-check.m4 100644 405B
gnome-support.m4 100644 2,272B
gnome-undelfs.m4 100644 597B
gnome-vfs.m4 100644 2,971B
gnome-x-checks.m4 100644 2,475B
gnome-xml-check.m4 100644 716B
gnome.m4 100644 3,618B
gperf-check.m4 100644 1,861B
linger.m4 100644 420B
need-declaration.m4 100644 1,111B

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