xaizek / euclid-wm (License: BSD 3-Clause) (since 2018-12-07)
A minimalist, tiling window manager for X11 that seeks to allow easy management of numerous windows entirely from the keyboard.
Subject SHA-1 Author Date
Fix crash on forgetting a window b2a72cf798357b55d11140a4d5153842381f549e xaizek 2021-12-04 18:32:36
Add support for _NET_CURRENT_DESKTOP ee854e9db98607cdb58f43319e471bdb93fd4417 xaizek 2017-03-05 15:08:22
Add command to go to last seen view 9904cbad2205170e5e6462550a4d12a8b934feea xaizek 2016-09-29 18:17:04
Try to pass focus back on closing windows d306f0119b133ceb9ee8a74153c2bddd6743eaf0 xaizek 2016-09-27 11:25:25
xaizek: Add-sloppy_focus-configuration-option b6b0319166f2f10861fa9e17816436d0e8ba3a76 William Diem 2015-09-06 19:45:03
xaizek: Fix-child-processes-of-spawned-programs 83afb6efdb3fd8bd6877a712ccad385c10e55f23 William Diem 2015-09-06 19:33:15
xaizek: Correct-fix-for-sloppy-focus-transfer 10412ab230b163f03d95ca32af98eddd380c6a3f William Diem 2015-09-06 19:31:42
xaizek: fix segsault on sloppy focus transfer 4204f29d36a63ff682045add4df7c1d4c6f102ac wmdiem 2014-02-18 00:31:05
added working handlers b6f51937de323a7f080e72a5c4c9ee0b88c65464 wmdiem 2014-02-16 17:10:08
made menu explicit selection character : ac72e96996a18540aa4eb9436c664554980b88ac wmdiem 2014-02-16 17:09:12

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