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# ==============================================================================
# additional keys for command mode


# reset filter to an empty value
c filter ^M

# restore last value of the filter
C filter ^P^M

# ==============================================================================
# shell (or Emacs) like shortcuts for the line-edit mode


# go to the beginning of the line on Ctrl-A key
^A home

# go to the end of the line on Ctrl-E key
^E end

# move cursor one character to the right on Ctrl-F key
^F right

# move cursor one character to the right on Ctrl-B key
^B left

# delete a character to the right of the cursor on Ctrl-D key
^D delete

# remove a word to the left of the cursor on Ctrl-W key
^W word-backspace

# quit command-line mode on Escape key
\e abort

# recall previous history item on Ctrl-P key
^P up

# recall next history item on Ctrl-N key
^N down

# ==============================================================================

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