xaizek / dit (License: GPLv3+) (since 2018-12-07)
Command-line task keeper that remembers all old values and is meant to combine several orthogonal features to be rather flexible in managing items.
<root> / src /
File Mode Size
cmds/ 040000
utils/ 040000
Change.hpp 100644 2,023B
Command.cpp 100644 2,073B
Command.hpp 100644 4,960B
Commands.cpp 100644 1,818B
Commands.hpp 100644 3,184B
Config.cpp 100644 3,292B
Config.hpp 100644 3,754B
Dit.cpp 100644 10KiB
Dit.hpp 100644 3,605B
IdGenerator.cpp 100644 5,702B
IdGenerator.hpp 100644 3,488B
Invocation.cpp 100644 8,249B
Invocation.hpp 100644 5,659B
Item.cpp 100644 5,468B
Item.hpp 100644 5,807B
ItemFilter.cpp 100644 3,041B
ItemFilter.hpp 100644 2,932B
ItemTable.cpp 100644 9,783B
ItemTable.hpp 100644 3,461B
Project.cpp 100644 3,184B
Project.hpp 100644 4,091B
Storage.cpp 100644 4,638B
Storage.hpp 100644 3,869B
StorageBacked.hpp 100644 2,764B
completion.cpp 100644 3,744B
completion.hpp 100644 2,719B
decoration.cpp 100644 5,471B
decoration.hpp 100644 8,461B
file_format.cpp 100644 3,329B
file_format.hpp 100644 1,420B
integration.cpp 100644 10KiB
integration.hpp 100644 2,310B
main.cpp 100644 1,026B
parsing.cpp 100644 9,179B
parsing.hpp 100644 3,217B
printing.hpp 100644 2,126B

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