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0.4 to 0.5
	Initial port to win32

0.3a to 0.4
	Color schemes added - required a change to the vifmrc file.

	UTF-8 support

	Quick view of current file with :view command.

	Hopefully fixed bug when starting vifm with a directory on the command 

	Changed executable file to check for filetypes.  If you have vifm set to 
	not run executable files, it will now first check for a filetype setting
	and if present will use the program you set to open the file.  If no 
	filetype is set it will open the file in vi.

	Fixed delete command when dd in :com window.

0.3 to 0.3a

	Files with % in the name should work now.

	The symlinks in the tarball were replaced with the actual scripts.

0.2 to 0.3
	Added error message for shell commands that are too long.  

	Added :split, :only  for one window view.

	Added :ls command for screen and %s macro.

	Added . to repeat last command.  This currently only works with :commands.

	When deleting or putting files the process is backgrounded but it now 
	waits for the process to return so that the changes show up quicker 
	in the file lists.

	Removed the code to change the xterm title.

	User commands and the builtin commands now work with <Tab> expansion.

	:! and :!! now work with tab expansion.

	Changed waitpid to a loop.

	Removed the timing thread.

	Redirected error messages of processes run in the background.

	:jobs command shows menu of backgrounded processes.

	:!! segfault fixed by Dmitry Suzdalev.

	Readline like expansion of files now escapes the filename.

	Fixed menu scrolling bug when the menu list was the same size as window rows.

0.1 to 0.2
	File names are now escaped before going to the shell.

	The menus are now searchable with / or ? and basic commands :45 or :quit.

	The current position was changed to a solid bar instead of an arrow.

	Basic readline file completion.

	Command and pattern history.

	Colors are now configurable.

	cw can be used to rename files.

	Added a keys pressed window in the status bar to show the first d of dd, 
	numbers for 12G or 33j movement commands, and first y of yy.

	User commands are now sorted in alphabetical order so that they may be
	used in the shortest form that does not match another command.

	The :command parsing was rewritten.

	The default action on an executable file was changed to a configurable 
	option.  The default is now to view the file instead of executing it.

	New :commands
		:locate command uses locate.
		:apropos command - shows list of man pages in menu window.
		:sync command - changes the other panel to the same directory as the 
			current panel.

	New Key bindings
		Normal mode:
		M - move to the middle of the window.
		L - move to the bottom of the window.
		H - move to the top of the window.
		V - switch to visual mode.
		Y - yank the currently selected files.

		Visual mode:
		M - select from the current position to the middle of the list.
		L - select from the current position to the bottom of the list.
		H - select from the current position to the top of the list.

		The bookmarks code was rewritten.

		The automatic updating of the file lists was rewritten.


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