xaizek / vide (License: GPLv2+) (since 2018-12-07)
Graphical predecessor of vifm that uses GTK+.
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Changes 0.5 to 0.5.2
	Fixed annoying bug when using vim that would cause the clist to display

	A menu bar was added to each zvt term widget

	The notebook page can now contain more than one terminal.

	The terminals can now be detached from the notebook page.

	New keybindings for the terms.
			<alt>w  j moves down one term
			<alt>w  k moves up one term
			<alt>w  n creates a new terminal on the notebook page.
			<alt>w  m creates a new term running man + word under the cursor.
				This is similar to pressing K in vim with the added benefit of still
				being able to see the original code while reading the man page.

		When selecting a file from the term menu bar you can use your normal
		bookmarks with ' and search for files with /pattern.  You cannot use

	The status bar message was changed to show a brief summary of the
		selected file.  If more than one file is selected, the number of 
		selected files is shown

	:path command was changed to :pwd or :pw
		or you can just use ctrl g which will show the full path and the file

Changes 0.4 to 0.5
	All terminal colors may now be customized.
	Fixed support for vile, elvis, and nvi.
	Added hidden notebook tab option.
	Fixed memory leak when using regcomp(); 
	:ls command creates a popup menu and jumps to the  notebook page selected.
	All notebook tabs now show the notebook page number.
	Added relative directory to :cd and :sb commands - :cd projects
		or :cd ~/misc
	:q quit unless there are stll terminals open
	:q! quit even if there are terminals open
	:x write current vi and close page unless readonly.
	Added a cancel option to all main menus.
	Added :!! command :!![command] creates a shell and executes pauseme + the 
		executed command.  :!!ls instead of :!pauseme ls
	:path or :pa will show the full path of the current directory on the status 
		bar - patch submited by Sergei Gnezdov
	Ctrl+G will show the file properties of the current selected file on
		the status bar - patch submited by Sergei Gnezdov
	%f may be use inside of a %{} prompt command to put the current selected 
		file inside of the popup entry - this probably should be expanded to
		enable %d or %D to be use also. - patch submited by Eric Johnson

Changes 0.3 to 0.4
	added sorting function to bookmarks
	added notebook interface and zvt
	removed pauseme from the :! command
	fixed bug with setting a :com without enough arguments.
	If you use the mouse to select the notebook page, move the scrollbars,
		or click on the column title the clist now grabs the focus back like
		it should.  The up directory button still does not work properly.
	Ctrl Q was changed to alt q.

Changes 0.2.9 to 0.3
	Fixed column title lists to change sort.
	Fixed to work with gnome-terminal as it takes different arguments than
		xterm or rxvt
	Added support for vimclient.  Only works with gvim6.0
		:vs command for vim6.0 running in a console
	Removed the -f option from the mv command as it will delete a file if you 
		tried to move the file into the same directory.
	Changed the copy command to cp -R to allow copying of directories

Changes 0.2.8 to 0.2.9

	fixed bug in using a search pattern in a command. :com backup /~$
	fixed command mode to use all the selected files with the command instead of
		just the first selected file.
	vi_server can now accept multiple files up to 100 files
		The 100 file limit is just an arbitrary number that could be increased.
	You can load multiple files into vi with :e
	/[Return] will now search for the previous pattern 
	t will tag or untag files in a directory
	Added filters to the Options menu
	Date, Size, Name
	:set filter [pattern]
	:set filter invert [pattern]
	:on[ly] will hide the command list and other file list
	:new will show the hidden file list

Changes vide 0.27 to vide 0.28
	numbers used to show vi sessions are reused
	vide will reattach to vi sessions from a previous vide session
	support for nvi, elvis, vile
	added code to handle vi_server from the filetypes popup menu
	fixed bug when emptying trash directory from the other view that would
	not let you move back into the trash directory.

Changes vide 0.26 to vide 0.2.7
	fixed reloading of trash directory  when removing a large amount of files
	fixed focus bug when useing dd on last file in a directory
	added up directory button
	added :x command same as :q
	added '' will return to last position
	added :his[tory] command
	initial support for loading of files into a running vim.

Changes vide 0.2.5 to vide-0.2.6

	vide can now handle file names with spaces
	Scrollbars are now configurable
	Mouse double click in command menu executes selected command
	Mouse right click will create filetype popup menu
	Changed updating of clists to reduce flicker
	Fixed directory history when moving up a directory
	:commands are now user defineable
		:com popup menu of user commands
		:com name action  to set user commands
		:exe command to execute a program
		:/ command to allow searches in user commands
	:delc popup menu to delete commands

Changes vide-0.2.4 to vide-0.2.5

	bug fixes for grab focus and update of file lists

Changes vide0.2.3 to vide0.2.4

gg now moves to row 0 instead of g
dd will delete the selected file
N will search backwards for the last search pattern.
m will set marks.
' will goto set marks.
:sp will change the other file list to the current file list directory or
to a set path.
:cd will change the current file list to your home enviroment or to a set path.
configure option to allow starting vide in the current working directory.


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