xaizek / stic (License: MIT) (since 2018-12-07)
Simple Tests In C with optional automatic test registration in C.
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Stic -- Simple Tests In C
2010 -- 2018 (based on SeaTest)

This file last updated: 15 November, 2018
Version: 0.6

Brief Description

    Stic is a development of SeaTest project by Keith Nicholas.  This is a
    simple cross-platform plain C testing framework with automatic
    test-registration without pre-processing.

    Additions made to SeaTest are not upstreamed mainly because automatic
    test registration seems to go against goals outlined on SeaTest home
    page: https://github.com/keithn/seatest


    Being SeaTest derivative, still works fine with any previously written
    tests, as of now either of both approaches can be used for a test suite.


    This was implemented because the author couldn't find any plain C testing
    frameworks that support automatic test registration, it's actively used,
    which is kinda guarantees continued development, but infrastructure things
    like documentation or more examples might require some time to be sorted
    out properly.



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