xaizek / stic (License: MIT) (since 2018-12-07)
Simple Tests In C with optional automatic test registration in C.
<root> / Makefile.in (f5ebcf1c5c5956c106e832eaea7b2da952b8e062) (1,012B) (mode 100644) [raw]
CC = @CC@

STIC_TESTS = src/stic.c tests/stic_tests.c
STIC_TESTS_OBJ = $(addprefix bin/,$(notdir $(STIC_TESTS:.c=.o)))

RM_F = rm -f

pos = $(strip $(eval T := ) \
              $(eval i := 0) \
              $(foreach elem, $1, \
                        $(if $(filter $2,$(elem)), \
                             $(eval i := $(words $T)), \
                             $(eval T := $T $(elem)))) \

all: clean stic_tests

stic_tests: bin/stic_tests

bin/stic_tests: $(STIC_TESTS_OBJ) | bin
	$(CC) $^ $(CFLAGS) -o bin/stic_tests

	$(MKDIR_P) $@

bin/%.o: src/%.c tests/. | bin
	$(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) -o $@ -DTESTID=$(call pos, $(STIC_TESTS_OBJ), $@) \
	                         -DMAXTESTID=$(words $(STIC_TESTS_OBJ)) $<

bin/%.o: tests/%.c tests/. | bin
	$(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) -o $@ -DTESTID=$(call pos, $(STIC_TESTS_OBJ), $@) \
	                         -DMAXTESTID=$(words $(STIC_TESTS_OBJ)) $<

	$(RM_F) bin/*.o

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