xaizek / mpdknotifier (License: GPLv2+) (since 2018-12-07)
A notification application that informs you about currently played song.
<root> / NEWS (e1967b07f598d5de5aa618a678d27c15834bf301) (1,350B) (mode 100644) [raw]
    - added support of connecting to password protected MPD servers
    - added THANKS file

    - substitute ampersand with &amp;

    - added option "NoCoverImg"

    - added debug mode, it can be enabled using '--debug' argument

    - added log and option "LogFile"
    - added conditional blocks in format
    - added formats "%a", "%d", "%f" and "%%" to use inside commands
    - added options "ArtResizeCmd", "PrefferedCoverWidth" and
      "PrefferedCoverHeight" for automatic resizing of big images
    - added option "ArtFindCmd" to add ability to use external program for
      downloading/getting/copying cover if we can't find it

    - now paths with non latin symbols are correct handled 
    - big images are scaled now
    - to avoid incorrect behaviour in case of invalid extension of image file,
      try to use next three formats: JPG, PNG and GIF (in this order)

    - bug fix, correct handle "MusicDir" option value without ending slash

    - added option "Format" to support format string for composing text in the
    - added options "CommandsNames" and "Commands" to support custom commands in
      the notification

    - bug fix, "Album Artist" tag has been processed as "Album" tag

    - initial version by Jakub Horák <kubahorak@gmail.com>

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