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Vim configuration and plugins.
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" vim: syntax=vim
" Maybe useful someday

" Auto Update a line containing Last Modified
function! LastMod()
    if line("$") > 20
let l = 20
let l = line("$")
    exe "1," . l . "g/Last modified: /s/Last modified: .*/Last modified: "
            \.strftime("%a %b %d, %Y  %H:%M")

" Call the LastMod() Function everytime we save a file
autocmd BufWrite *   ks|call LastMod()|'s

" ==============================================================================

" In Makefile, automatically convert eight spaces at the beginning 
" of line to tab, as you type (or paste) 
au FileType make :inoremap
        \<buffer><silent><space> <space><c-o>:call MapSpaceInMakefile()<cr> 
" function! MapSpaceInMakefile() "{{{
function! MapSpaceInMakefile() 
    " if this space is 8th space from the beginning of line, replace 8 spaces
    " with one tab (only at the beginning of file) 
    let line = getline('.') 
    let col = col('.') 

    if strpart(line, 0, 8) == '        ' 
        let new = "\t" . strpart(line,8) 
        call setline('.', new ) 

    return "" 

" ==============================================================================

if has("cscope")
   set csprg=/usr/bin/cscope
   set csto=0
   set cst
   set nocsverb
   " add any database in current directory
   if filereadable("cscope.out")
      cs add cscope.out
   " else add database pointed to by environment
   elseif $CSCOPE_DB != ""
      cs add $CSCOPE_DB
   set csverb

" ==============================================================================

" vim:foldmethod=marker:ft=vim:

" ==============================================================================

"highlight RedundantSpaces ctermbg=yellow guibg=yellow
"match     RedundantSpaces /\s\+$\| \+ze\t/

" ==============================================================================

vmap \em :call ExtractMethod()<CR>
function! ExtractMethod() range
  let name = inputdialog("Name of new method:")
  exe "normal! O\<BS>private " . name ."()\<CR>{\<Esc>"
  exe "normal! oreturn ;\<CR>}\<Esc>k"
  s/return/\/\/ return/ge
  normal! j%
  normal! kf(
  exe "normal! yyPi// = \<Esc>wdwA;\<Esc>"
  normal! ==
  normal! j0w

" ==============================================================================

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